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Do What You Want Be What You Are
The Music of Daryl Hall & John Oates

(2009 - U-Watch Records/Sony)

Track Listing:
Disc 1: Girl I Love You
Disc 1: I Need Your Love
Disc 1: Say These Words Of Love
Disc 1: Perkiomen
Disc 1: Iím Sorry
Disc 1: Fall In Philadelphia
Disc 1: Waterwheel
Disc 1: Lilly (Are You Happy)
Disc 1: Had I Known You Better Then
Disc 1: Las Vegas Turnaround
Disc 1: Sheís Gone
Disc 1: Youíre Much Too Soon
Disc 1: Is It A Star
Disc 1: Itís Uncanny
Disc 1: Love You Like A Brother
Disc 1: Lady Rain (live)
Disc 1: Beanie G. And The Rose
Disc 1: Better Watch Your Back (live)
Disc 1: Abandoned Luncheonette (live)
Disc 1: When the Morning Comes (live)
Disc 2: Camellia
Disc 2: Sara Smile
Disc 2: Alone Too Long
Disc 2: Gino (The Manager) 2009 Remix
Disc 2: Ennui On The Mountain
Disc 2: Out Of Me, Out Of You
Disc 2: Back Together Again
Disc 2: Rich Girl
Disc 2: Crazy Eyes
Disc 2: Have I Been Away Too Long
Disc 2: August Day
Disc 2: Itís A Laugh
Disc 2: I Donít Wanna Lose You
Disc 2: Wait For Me
Disc 2: Timeís Up (Alone Tonight)
Disc 2: The Woman Comes And Goes
Disc 2: How Does It Feel To Be Back
Disc 2: Youíve Lost That Loviní Feeling
Disc 2: Kiss On My List
Disc 2: Everytime You Go Away (live)
Disc 3: You Make My Dreams
Disc 3: Private Eyes
Disc 3: Head Above Water
Disc 3: Did It In A Minute
Disc 3: Your Imagination
Disc 3: I Can't Go For That
Disc 3: Donít Go Out
Disc 3: Maneater
Disc 3: Family Man
Disc 3: One On One
Disc 3: Go Solo
Disc 3: Say It Isnít So
Disc 3: Adult Education
Disc 3: Out Of Touch
Disc 3: Method Of Modern Love
Disc 3: Some Things Are Better Left
Disc 3: Possession Obsession (live)
Disc 3: A Nite At The Apollo Live!
Disc 3: The Way You Do The
Disc 4: Everything Your Heart Desires
Disc 4: Missed Opportunity
Disc 4: Keep On Pushiní Love
Disc 4: Storm Warning
Disc 4: Change Of Season
Disc 4: Starting All Over Again (live)
Disc 4: So Close (live)
Disc 4: Do It For Love
Disc 4: Forever For You
Disc 4: Heartbreak Time
Disc 4: All The Way From Philadelphia
Disc 4: Have You Ever Been In Love
Disc 4: Me And Mrs. Jones (live)
Disc 4: I Want Someone (live)
Disc 4: Do What You Want, Be What
Disc 4: Dreamer

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