Episode 83:
Tommy Shaw


I couldn't LOVE this show more. Over the years the core of such cool and competent musicians is just amazing. I feel like I actually know them after watching for so long. Their natural camaraderie with Daryl and the quality of final mixes is just perfect. Have you ever thought of including some of the actual rehearsal footage that gets them to their great final products? Monster THANKS!
- posted by thefries - February 21, 2021
So stoked to see Live From Daryl’s House shows back again! I love these shows!!. I watch them over and over again. So excited to see Tommy Shaw on the show!! STYX is one of my all-time favorite bands! Thanks Daryl, keep it up!
- posted by camillewinnie - February 10, 2021
So so happy that LFDH is back. With everything we are facing in this crazy world right now, it’s so important to have some stability and creative forces inspiring us. The Tommy Shaw episode made my day. Awesome stuff. Thanks again for getting the show back up and running.
- posted by fyi7777777 - November 25, 2020
Thank you Daryl, thank you Tommy, thank you Incredible Band. Loved the Soulful Styx. So Thrilled to have Live from Daryl's House back up and running. Amazing !!
- posted by tolhiggins - November 22, 2020
What a wonderful episode and seeing musicians play music together again. Their joy is radiant. Thank you.
- posted by nmjen - November 17, 2020
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Tommy Shaw
On this episode of Live From Daryl's House, Daryl Hall welcomes Tommy Shaw from Styx, where theyll be performing songs like Renegade, Its a Laugh, and more.
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