Episode 69:
Sammy Hagar


That was so much fun to watch, thank you gentlemen. Sammy is a hometown guy of mine, ol' so-cal. Loved this so much and had a blast partaking!!
- posted by JudeReier - June 2, 2021
Wow. True musicianship at it's finest. Here's a educational piece for boys and girls that want to be musicians. Not just performers, but real musicians. Daryl and Sammy are true musicians. Many performers hide behind processors, distortion, and other devices that add to their overall sound. Musicians need only an acoustic guitar and their voices to get it done. Daryl's show is one of those unique shows that highlight true musicianship. I've been a musician for may years and can say that making music is a wonderful experience. Sammy and Daryl playing acoustic guitars and sounding like this???? Musicians by definition.
- posted by degouffski - May 3, 2018
Love the show in general, but this one with Sammy Hagar is by far the best. Can't get enough of it. I watch it on youtube quite often. When short on time, I watch/listen to certain songs, but prefer the whole episode. Sammy has the greatest voice in rock history (imho) -- not to mention he plays a mean guitar! Thanks for the show, Daryl.
- posted by Rockin - March 27, 2018
Great show concept and this website is fantastic. If you ever need a live audience.... I’ll book the next flight! :-)
- posted by Shantate - March 17, 2018
This is probably my fav episode. Just awesome tunes, great location, love it!
- posted by mulder32 - September 8, 2017
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Sammy Hagar
Daryl gets together with legendary musician Sammy “The Red Rocker” Hagar on location at Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Together, on-location, the two created memorable live musical moments south of the border.
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