Episode 31:
Rob Thomas

Intro - 3 AM

WOW ... can't believe I've been missing this, all these years! Last night I watched VH1's Behind The Music on Hall & Oates and my appreciation was reborn, stronger than ever! That's what drove me to the "Live From DARYL's HOUSE" site and now I've spent most of my day-off catching up on what I've missed! Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas became "go to" band of the 90's so I was very happy to find this set. I don't think Rob Thomas never gets quite enough credit for his vocal talent. This is an incredible set and I am so impressed how Daryl's voice blends so well with Rob's! I only wish I could purchase this somewhere! Daryl, you should consider a compilation album of songs you have done with other artists on "Live FDH" ... maybe even an opportunity for some new stuff, "duet format" with say a Rob Thomas! Here's to hoping and keep up the fantastic work!
- posted by JZee - March 10, 2023
Wow, how much fun was that!!! Really impressed with the rendition of Kiss on my List and Heard it Through the Grapevine. Awesome, you should see the smile on my face. Thanks so much, as always you all were fabulous.
- posted by JudeReier - May 29, 2021
The best meets the best, what a duo. Superfan is an understatement! Anytime I want to feel better, I play this stellar performance by both Daryl and Rob. Thank you for always lifting me up to a higher place. Pure, unadulterated, Awesomeness!!
- posted by tharwell - May 28, 2021
I have been waiting to watch this one! Such a contrast that honestly blended well! Thanks!
- posted by Diane57 - May 30, 2017
Who plays the guitar on She's Gone with Thomas? Thanks. Mike Hinshaw [email protected]
- posted by MikeHinshaw - February 26, 2017
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Rob Thomas
Multi-platinum Matchbox Twenty vocalist Rob Thomas joins Daryl Hall for a special pairing of two of pop-rock's leading singer/songwriters on the 31st and latest installment of Live From Daryl's House. This episode brings together Thomas and Hall for a set that includes Daryl Hall and John Oates hits "Kiss on My List" and "She's Gone" with Matchbox Twenty smashes "3 A.M." and "Disease," which Rob co-wrote with Mick Jagger as well as "Ever the Same" and "Someday," a pair of selections from his two critically acclaimed solo albums. The two also join together on a soulful version of the classic, "I Heard It Through the Grapevine."
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