Episode 84:
Ty Taylor


I absolutely love this episode and can't get enough of it. The soul R&B vibe really gets me moving. Thank you LFDH and Ty for giving us awesome music to groove to!
- posted by Ella - November 29, 2020
First time hearing Ty. Talent heavy! Liked getting to see the rehearsing moments. Always like seeing DH, enjoying the show! New addition to my favorite LFDH episodes.
- posted by DBlecha - November 25, 2020
Loved this SO much. I've literally been playing this over and over for like the past day. Ty's voice is amazing and while I'm bummed they didn't do any Hall & Oates songs on this one, I so appreciate Daryl giving a platform to these artists who we may not know. These shows are making me fall in love with real music!
- posted by one_on_one - November 20, 2020
Beautiful stuff. Man, we need music like this so much right now as our country heals and finds new positive direction for all. Thanks, Daryl and the band for all you do. Love Ty! What a voice!
- posted by Cycologist - November 14, 2020
Really nice show, sweet harmonies. Ty can belt it out; seemed like he was holding back a bit. I liked the rendition of I'll Be Around - beautiful!
- posted by icantgoforthat - November 10, 2020
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Ty Taylor
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