Episode 84:
Ty Taylor


I'm all smiles again.
- posted by JudeReier - September 1, 2021
I love the complete idea of this. The “band” is so good. I love hearing the sounds I already love, and watching daryls house I have enjoyed hearing artists I have never listen to before, or maybe only knew one or two songs of their music. Ty is fantastic. Never stop this.
- posted by 5371 - August 19, 2021
I'll never grow tired of this episode no matter how many times I watch it. Thanks again Daryl, Ty and the band.
- posted by JudeReier - July 22, 2021
Music is the Voice of the Soul! ~tm JustJade (You both got it.) :)
- posted by JustJade - June 19, 2021
Fantastic voices! Beautiful songs and amazing talent from everyone…..one mc my favorite episodes
- posted by Mar - June 18, 2021
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Ty Taylor
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