Episode 84:
Ty Taylor


Ty was amazing as well as Daryl and the boys. Covid did one good thing for me and that was finding LFDH. You breath life into music again and I appreciate that so much. Thank you gentlemen and I hope to see new episodes soon.
- posted by JudeReier - April 5, 2021
I started watching your show just last season and discovered a much broader appreciation for the classics of our era. Your style and the variety of talented guests has enlightened me so much that I found a whole new respect for a much wider range of genres which, in turn, allowed me to be so much more open-minded. Thank you for that lesson later in life, makes me wish I would have come across your format on its inception back in '07.
- posted by SpotOn - March 23, 2021
Thankyou for another fantastic uplifting, soulful and timeless episode! . . . . Love from NZ!
- posted by Kiwinan - March 18, 2021
I cannot stop playing this episode. It makes me want to dance with my wife. She thinks I'm nuts but its so cool to listen too! Keep it coming Daryl, you and the band are FANTASTIC!
- posted by GarryH - March 16, 2021
I can't stop watching your show! I've always been drawn the soulfulness of your music and now discovering this channel I find myself glued to my seat anticipating your next guest. I love that you bring together past mentors and fellow musicians as well as newer younger artists. As a guitar player myself who has played in a few different bands throughout the years I love watching your sessions only hoping that someday I'll be able to visit your club to witness the amazingness in person. Keep on punching out those soulful vibes Daryl and a big Thank you from Canada!
- posted by SoulSearchin - February 27, 2021
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Ty Taylor
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