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Episode 72:
Aaron Neville


WOw!!!! Thats so cool... This was one of my Moms favorite songs. Shes been gone four years now, but it still hurts.:(
- posted by dtrujillo - August 19, 2016
Tell it like it is........be still my heart. Brought back a lot of good memories. Aaron sounds like he always does....fantastic ! It's amazing how you can just get together and sound so great. Love it, Daryl. From a Lyme sister.
- posted by catalpacove - August 18, 2016
Onde eu estava que nĂŁo houvera descoberto este canal????
- posted by Ribeiro - August 14, 2016
A million thumbs up to Daryl and his team! A National Treasure his institution is. Musical Genius. Good luck in his new endeavor
- posted by Muxux4 - August 14, 2016
Hey thank you for all the good times you get us here Some group of guys watching frequently adoring this kind of music with a big hello from Frankfurt/Germany. Lucky
- posted by Lucky - April 8, 2016
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Aaron Neville
Having one of the most evocative and recognizable voices in American music, Aaron Neville is an international ambassador of New Orleans R&B, though his soaring falsetto sounds at home in many styles. Coming of age in the incredibly creative 1950s Crescent City R&B scene, Neville gained national attention with his 1966 hit “Tell It Like It Is,” the stirring ballad and #1 hit, as well as with the Wild Tchoupitoulas, a touring Mardi Gras celebration that led to the creation of the Neville Brothers band — an institution that would confirm Neville’s iconic status.

Over his four-time Grammy-winning solo career, Neville has scored a string of hits including “Tell It Like It Is,” memorable duets with Linda Ronstadt including "Don't Know Much" and a hugely popular cover of Main Ingredient’s “Everybody Plays the Fool.” With his latest album, Neville revisits the doo-wop music he grew up with, adding a few new spins along the way. My True Story, his first release for Blue Note Records, was co-produced by Blue Note President Don Was and Keith Richards and features a collection of twelve classic doo-wop numbers, performed in his utterly inimitable vocal style.

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