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Episode 69:
Sammy Hagar


This is probably my fav episode. Just awesome tunes, great location, love it!
- posted by mulder32 - September 8, 2017
Did your parents ever tell you to , just do what makes you happy! These guys love what they do, how lucky are they! It's so refreshing to watch these guys ( sorry Daryl/Sammy) who are not young guys , but young at heart. Ask these guys at 90 what they loved about their lives and I'll wager they " loved it all man"!! You guys rock, don't stop for a minute!!
- posted by Chris1967 - August 9, 2017
Every night/day that I get to view one of these episodes lets me feel like I am a part of an intimate & private concert. I can chair dance all night long. Thanks Daryl!
- posted by Diane57 - June 22, 2017
I really love all the episodes! It's like being part of a private concert!
- posted by SeriusNtentions - January 6, 2017
I LOVE this Episode! HAHAHA Episode 69 VERY FITTING FOR SAMMY HAGAR! Hey How bout a search function on the site to make finding stuff a little easier.... I'm a digital marketing guy.... Lemme know if I can help you! Rock On M/ James
- posted by jlynch401 - October 19, 2016
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Sammy Hagar
Daryl gets together with legendary musician Sammy “The Red Rocker” Hagar on location at Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Together, on-location, the two created memorable live musical moments south of the border.
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