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Episode 67:
Brett Dennen


I also became a Brett fan once this episode was mentioned to me ."Right as Rain" and "Only Want you" left me feeling nostalgic for what could have been. Haunting lyrics delivered by such a pure voice. Perfection.
- posted by apl - October 20, 2016
Huge Brett fan and have always dug Daryl Hall's voice. They sound great together."Right as Rain" is stunning. The clarity of the acoustic guitar on the intro to "Don't Mess with Karma" is unreal. Had to laugh at Brett's face during the "dinner prep" segment...never said a word and looked like he was about to heave. Maybe he's vegetarian?
- posted by Stratoron - July 4, 2016
My reference to amazing song choice was "Right as Rain". I just can't imagine this version not making Number 1 on the charts if re-released.
- posted by SandiC - October 29, 2015
This duet with Brett Dennen was so powerful and moving, it left me speechless. What an amazing song choice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this series and the so many hours of soulful bliss. I had totally forgotten how deeply this music affected me and am grateful to have it back in my life.
- posted by SandiC - October 29, 2015
Thanks for the thought provoking music. I just caught on to this after a quick mention this evening and picked a wonderful show to introduce me to fresh vibrant,thought provoking tones -definitely foundations from perfected work. Great to have spent the hour listening.
- posted by AlcallmeAl - September 5, 2015
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Brett Dennen
Brett’s 2006 release, So Much More, officially launched him as a discovery artist and drew frequent comparisons to troubadours like Paul Simon and Tom Petty. In 2008 his Hope for the Hopeless didn't stray too far from the songwriter's comfort zone, though a partnership with producer John Alagia (Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer) led to a high level of production not yet heard on any of his albums. In 2011, Dennen’s Loverboy was his biggest departure to date: a danceable collection of songs influenced by the road and recorded by a studio filled with friends and imperfect takes. Smoke and Mirrors, his fifth release, came out last October, and earned his first single, “Wild Child” a #5 spot at AAA Radio. Dennen took his record on the road for a sold out headline tour to wrap up 2013, and is currently on tour, recently selling out shows in Boston, DC, and Nashville, with upcoming dates in Aspen, Santa Barbara, Santa Ana and Park City. He’ll also perform as part of the Paul Simon Tribute at New York’s Carnegie Hall on March 31, before heading to Europe to tour with John Butler Trio. He’ll perform at select festivals across the US this summer.
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