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Episode 60:
Joe Walsh


Hi just love it and thanks. I wish you would list the gear your guest are using.Joe sounded so amazing, well you all did.
- posted by dave676 - September 11, 2014
Hey man! Your drummer is using a Atletico t-shirt... Where he did get this?? I'm from Brazil, but my team is Corinthians... hehehe I'm a fan of these shows... Very good music and Walsh is rocking!
- posted by Cranio - September 5, 2014
Re-visited Joe Walsh and Daryl Hall, still the best ever, keep going back to the old shows, they seem to have something more original then what's out there now. Love to see a collaboration between these two, Joe knows how to bring it, I especially loved the band on this episode and miss all of those that did not make the "new show venue". I will watch this one over and over and have a great time playing it for my besties! Hope to see more like this one in the future, this was the best!
- posted by YokoChar - September 4, 2014
My 12 year old and I discovered LFDH totally by accident, and are we glad! Loving the mix of the old music I grew up with and the newer artists. You sound better than ever! My son plays guitar and is really inspired by what he sees here. He is writing some of his own music now and aspires to play with you when he is older. Thank you so much for all the shows. Keep it coming...We LOVE it!
- posted by egegan01 - September 3, 2014
I agree with the post that says that I keep coming back to the Joe Walsh episode and the one that says that Somebody Like You breaks your heart every single time. And with the post that begs Daryl and Joe to do an album together---with Daryl's band (and maybe some Eagles members if they want to). Great great great music at Daryl's House. Daryl has put together an outstanding ensemble of players who support his blue-eyed soul perfectly, and who support each and every artist who joins Daryl for an episode. Please keep this music and this website going. Thank you Daryl and your whole team of musicians, staff and family who make this all possible.
- posted by Parentheorial123 - August 31, 2014
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Joe Walsh
Walsh took time during the show to tell of getting his first guitar, a $40 Sears & Roebuck Silvertone model after originally playing trombone and clarinet growing up. “I stumbled across the guitar, because I needed something I could play that wasn’t in my mouth, and that I could write music on,” he laughs. “I was never going to get any girls playing clarinet. Not that I got any playing guitar, but it was a lot more fun.”

Taking a cue from the title of his latest album, Analog Man, Walsh criticizes the “digital recipe” of most pop music today, explaining, “It’s all about the magic of a human performance.”

And there’s no better example of that than the interaction between Walsh and his host on the latest edition of Live from Daryl’s House, which turns Hall’s living room into a garage, with a slam-bang version of “Wrecking Ball” ending in what Daryl dubs, “a Neil Young moment.” There were more than several of those over the course of the episode.

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