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Episode 60:
Joe Walsh


This is some really great stuff.
- posted by msc7c - April 15, 2014
Somebody like you wow great song darryl you saying the hell out of it and Joe great picking I wish you two guys would get together and make some music we would all love to hear it
- posted by Major - April 12, 2014
Loving it....Baby you will NEVER be on the wrong side of History! Wrecking Ball was delicious and this whole episode remains on my obsession list. Thanks Daryl!
- posted by Kirkunik1 - February 27, 2014
Vocal harmonies in "wrecking ball" with Joe and Daryl sounded great!
- posted by Bakersfieldnative - February 26, 2014
Great rocking episode! Of course, I can't help but wonder how the 'Analog Man' feels about the entire show being on the web where, fortunately, the whole world can listen.
- posted by bggl4 - February 17, 2014
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Joe Walsh
Walsh took time during the show to tell of getting his first guitar, a $40 Sears & Roebuck Silvertone model after originally playing trombone and clarinet growing up. “I stumbled across the guitar, because I needed something I could play that wasn’t in my mouth, and that I could write music on,” he laughs. “I was never going to get any girls playing clarinet. Not that I got any playing guitar, but it was a lot more fun.”

Taking a cue from the title of his latest album, Analog Man, Walsh criticizes the “digital recipe” of most pop music today, explaining, “It’s all about the magic of a human performance.”

And there’s no better example of that than the interaction between Walsh and his host on the latest edition of Live from Daryl’s House, which turns Hall’s living room into a garage, with a slam-bang version of “Wrecking Ball” ending in what Daryl dubs, “a Neil Young moment.” There were more than several of those over the course of the episode.

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