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Episode 56:
Chiddy Bang


That was even better then dancing on a ceiling. Everybody out their: thank you so much: that was mindblowing! xxx from Amsterdam. Karin
- posted by Katootje - November 10, 2013
Guys, you always touch the soul of what song ever. I´m really impressed of the great performance. Thank you all for that. What about a concert with Daryl and other guys in Cologne or in Frankfurt? Believe me, i would be there. With best regards from Germany, Nobbi
- posted by Nobbi - December 29, 2012
I think this is the best show because of the amount of creativity to make it work. Everything flowed so smoothly. This show is great!!! Man I wish I could get on there just to chill out and join one of Daryl's kick ass dinners!!! Come on Daryl what do say?
- posted by freddy75 - December 18, 2012
A cousin turned me onto this two weeks ago at Papa's wake & this is the first I've been able to view. Cannot thank YOU enough for not only the entertainment value but more for the "glimpse behind the mask" of these performers' public personæ! Regarding Rap, I've never been a big fan but hearing Chiddy Bang perform with actual musicians has made me rethink my original stance. And isn't that another purpose of music? To reach the hearts & minds of an audience. ◊ >;~}
- posted by KaMaBuA - October 2, 2012
I kind of feel the same way. I was not thrilled with this particular episode, but liked seeing Frank Stallone. I have to wonder Darryl if after you do this session, you take Paul aside and kind of just say; "You know, I think this rap stuff is garbage!" Having someone stand there and yell, Yeah, hey, yo and do it in key is quite a talent yes, but not what I call music or bringing something special to the table. I am from Philly and that is why I even gave these guys a chance, but they are not my idea of musicians. Not like so many of the others that you have privelaged us with. I applaud your going outside the box though.
- posted by Rokko100 - September 25, 2012
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Chiddy Bang
The Philly duo met while attending Drexel University in Philadelphia , releasing a series of popular mixtapes which spread virally on the Internet, starting with the 2009s The Swelly Express which led to them getting signed by EMI U.K. s Parlophone label. Chiddy Bang went on to tour extensively at colleges nationwide and hit numerous festivals such as Lollapolooza, Austin City Limits, Bamboozle, Bonnaroo, Wireless, Glastonbury and Electric Forest. Their major label debut Breakfast was released this past February at midnight via iTunes. The first single, "Mind Your Manners," is also featured in the soundtrack for the EA Sports game Madden NFL 12 and was included on Now Thats What I Call Music! 39.

Daryl was delighted to play with his Philly home boys: Like all good musicians from this town, these guys are steeped in all the right influences, from soul and R&B to hip-hop, with a style all their own. It was a lot of fun.

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