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Episode 41:
Dave Stewart


This was a very eclectic jam session! Thanks!
- posted by Diane57 - June 5, 2017
Wow, just discovered your show on pilladia today. Woke up to Here Comes The Rain Again! Incredible talent, what an awesome show, I am hooked. Thanks for sharing your talent for all of us to enjoy!!!!
- posted by arellanozoo - January 4, 2013
Damn,I was right. This is it! And tell you wife to learn how to text message!
- posted by Sorrento - October 31, 2012
OMG- Here Comes The Rain Again was hauntingly beautiful. As much as I love the brilliant Annie Lennox, that was the most incredible version of the song I have ever heard. Just f'ing brilliant. Yet one more reason I love LFDH so much.
- posted by tazno - August 30, 2012
Another great show. Love Magic in the Blues. Dave's voice is perfect for this tune.
- posted by mpr3209 - July 16, 2012
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Dave Stewart

Daryl Hall and Dave Stewart know a little something about being part of platinum-plus duos, and they take that experience both with—and without—their famous partners to explore some gems in the 41st and latest webisode of Live From Daryl’s House. The newest installment of the Webby award-winning Internet series, which recently made its broadcast debut on WGN America to impressive ratings, will debut at www.lfdh.com on April 15.

The show reunited the two veteran musicians, who worked together when Stewart co-produced Daryl’s 1986 solo album, Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine. A member of the Eurythmics with Annie Lenox and an award-winning producer, Stewart joined Daryl at his home for a set that featured the Top 40 single from that album in “Dreamtime,” along with two classic Eurythmics hits, “Missionary Man” and “Here Comes the Rain Again,” the latter featuring Daryl on piano and Dave on acoustic guitar. The pair also perform “The Gypsy Girl and Me,” an autobiographical song from Stewart’s upcoming album, The Blackbird Diaries, which he recorded at the famed Nashville studio and comes out June 28 on Weapons of Mass Entertainment/Surfdog Records through Razor & Tie Music.

Stewart’s career spans more than 30 years and more than 100 million album sales, plus a Lifetime Achievement Award with Lenox. One of the most sought-after writers and music producers, Dave has crafted songs for and collaborated with the likes of Mick Jagger, Bono, Tom Petty, and Gwen Stefani, among many others, and has shared the stage with everybody from BB King, U2, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. His new album, The Blackbird Diaries, features a co-write with Bob Dylan and another with Stevie Nicks as well as duets with Nicks, Martina McBride, Colbie Caillat and a cameo by The Secret Sisters.

Dave called his appearance on Live from Daryl’s House “better than being a guest on any other music show on the planet….Daryl Hall has created a flawless TV show that organically combines great songwriting and performance, capturing on film the excitement and camaraderie that exists amongst artists who love music as opposed to the ever present shallow and competitive world of crass talent shows.”

Dave adds: “When you watch ‘Live From Daryl's House,’ you feel as if you are there having fun with them. Fortunately, I was there and it's just as much fun as you think it is, plus I got to eat and drink there afterwards and get carried out by Daryl Himself!”

Says Daryl: "Playing and hanging out with Dave was just as creative and fun as it always is every time we get together. He's my buddy and he's the best!"

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Live From Daryl's House

The 14th Annual Webby Awards. Winner - Variety Category.

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