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Episode 40:
Todd Rundgren


Lord,how I would LOVE to be there! A life I can only dream about. So thankful you decided to record these sessions & share them with all of us. Thank You for making music that has continued to bring great enjoyment to millions for years & no doubt will continue doing so for many years to come!
- posted by nanaLo - February 18, 2013
Lose the sun glasses Daryl - your eyes are beautiful
- posted by Pjtracey - February 2, 2013
Loved seeing Todd again and they were great together. I saw the light!
- posted by Pjtracey - January 27, 2013
What a great show from Todd's house! I tuned in during Beanie G and was immediately hooked on that song. Great groove that’s a blast to play on drums. Every show is humbling, watching real musicians play perfectly without much practice. Thank you Daryl for putting great music on TV. Its hard to find these days.
- posted by syskim01 - January 24, 2013
Long time fan of both Todd and H&O. This was a very cool treat. Saw H&O perform Bennie G back in 71 in Willimantic CT (Shaboo). "War Babies" was a radical departure for H&O. I've also seen Todd dozens of times over the years and he never fails to impress. Todd did open for H&O a few years ago, but this combination should really be explored! Darryl and Todd have the same Philly roots and there's a big audience out there for authentic soul music. Darryl's show is wonderful and I've been exposed to some great new talent I wouldn't have heard otherwise. Keep rockin' Daryl and thank you!!
- posted by gmac - January 18, 2013
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Todd Rundgren
Daryl Hall takes the 40th and latest webisode of Live From Daryl’s House to Kauai, Hawaii, where he and old Philly pal Todd Rundgren join together live from Todd’s house for a rousing seven-song set that includes Daryl Hall and John Oates’ “Beanie G and the Rose Tattoo” and a cover of the Delfonics’ 1970 hit, “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time.” The newest installment of the Webby award-winning Internet series, which recently made its broadcast debut on WGN in Chicago to impressive ratings, will debut at www.lfdh.com on March 15.

Hall and Rundgren have known each other since the ‘60s, when they were both fledgling musicians in Philadelphia, with a love of R&B, soul and doo-wop groups, reflected in their earliest music. The two previously paired up in a previous Live from Daryl’s House and now Todd returns the favor, with some down-home hospitality that includes an old-fashioned Luau Show, burying a pig in the dirt, serving up some amazing poi, with fire, hula dancers and a special performance with local musicians of “Bang on the Drum.”

“It’s always great when friends come all the way out here to visit,” laughed Todd. “It’s even better when they come to play. Thanks, Daryl!”

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Live From Daryl's House

The 14th Annual Webby Awards. Winner - Variety Category.

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