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Episode 5:
KT Tunstall

Something To Talk About

Fantastic entertainment
- posted by ddamusis - April 10, 2014
The one person I would just love to write and record with, KT Tunstall. She is just pure magic and just rocks my soul.
- posted by strat1 - March 29, 2014
KT.. one of the most under rated singers/musicians.. ever! but I'm a Scot and therefore biased.. as for 'something to talk about'... Will Farrell still has it for me in Step Bros.
- posted by andygordon - March 17, 2014
LOVE this song. Daryl, KT and Bonnie have done it justice, but I believe it was written by Shirley Eikhart. Her rendition is pretty darn good, too.
- posted by slapcab - December 3, 2013
my two fav hall and oates tracks are in this session and they are both brilliant, kiss is on my list and out of touch.....class class class..mr hall and kt voice blends in just perrfickkk
- posted by vince58 - May 12, 2013
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KT Tunstall
Born in 1975, Scottish singer/songwriter KT Tunstall -- not short for anything, the KT is just an alternate spelling of Katie -- comes from the quaint university town of St. Andrews. Due in part by being adopted at birth, her imagination and creative side flourished from early on as she thought about how her life could have gone in any given direction. Growing up, her father was a physicist who would take Tunstall and her brothers into the St. Andrews observatory to look at the sky, thus fueling her youthful love for space and sci-fi. It wasn't until discovering hair metal through a brother that music really did start to become important to her, and when it did, her affection for spacy things was reflected in her favorite album, David Bowie's Hunky Dory.
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