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Episode 7:
Chuck Prophet and Mutlu

Living It

Daryl, I'm 63 and have loved you for years!! Hearing you still being so fruitful in your 60's inspires me!! I am enjoying this site tremendously. Thank you for the joy!! "Keep on living it, keep on giving it"
- posted by Janet1951 - August 28, 2014
Love the show and all the guests. This song is especially awesome ! Great pair of voices. I have been a fan of Daryl since the 70's and we think he still sounds as great as ever. My wife and i would love to have you over for dinner.
- posted by savagedf - July 12, 2014
Anyone know how to down load the AUDIO from this site. I realize there are 11 songs in the store to purchase, what about the rest? Anxious for a response either here or at sueandneill@yahoo.com Thanks in Advance
- posted by 6790ndl - June 20, 2014
Hey Daryl, WHAT does soul sister have on her head??? That line was K-I-L-L-E-R!!!
- posted by UnkleJustin - February 13, 2014
The call and answer on Summertime Thing between Tommy and Chuck gives me chills to this day! Damn, I miss him.
- posted by Treehuggerbethie - January 23, 2014
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Chuck Prophet & Mutlu
Chuck Prophet hit the road in the '80s with the psychedelic-roots band Green on Red straight out of high school and never looked back. In addition to working as a singer/songwriter, guitarist, bandleader, and musical collaborator with artists diverse as Cake, Kim Carnes and Solomon Burke, Prophet's deepening solo catalog of self-produced "sideways" roots rock has steadily becoming his calling card. Mutlu Onaral was born on May 16, 1979 in Philadelphia and is of Turkish descent. He grew up absorbing the Hip-Hop and R&B sounds of Philadelphia, including Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff, and his peers such as Jill Scott, The Roots, Amos Lee and G. Love. He attended Friends Select, a Quaker high school, and graduated from Drexel University with a degree in marketing.
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