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Episode 8:
Nick Lowe

I Live on A Battlefield

T_Bone Walk otimo,fara falta na banda de Daryl.
- posted by Thalita - May 13, 2013
nick lowe a great talent under estimated in the uk, hey daryl try and do a LFDH with nicks old partner another under estimated talent the great dave edmunds
- posted by vince58 - May 12, 2013
such beautiful songs -- and such soul... Daryl Hall is a very mysterious person. He seems to have such a deceptively "everyday" manner, but at times it's almost like listening to Cat Stevens, or even Jim Morrison, in the sense of his artistic and spiritual depth.
- posted by johnuio - April 18, 2013
Great episode, especially the River Songs outdoors by the water. Sound was fantastic. So interesting to see Nick Lowe, one of the original punk rockers, looking so sophisticated and conservative. but he still sounds great.
- posted by daddy59 - September 24, 2012
Daryl Hall is the best music artist I've ever had the pleasure of watching! WoW!!!Thanks!
- posted by jayman5 - June 23, 2012
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Nick Lowe
For Nick Lowe, it's always been about quality over quantity. In 2001 he released The Convincer, seen by many as one of the highlights of a long and illustrious recording career. After that, though, all went quiet on the studio front. There were scattered dates, a live album and assorted sightings, but no new studio release. That changed this year. Once he got back with his steady team of band mates Bobby Irwin (drums), Geraint Watkins (keyboards) and Steve Donnelly (guitar), there was no stopping them.
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