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Episode 14:
Kevin Rudolf

In The City

Wow, this was a great episode in so many ways. It has some of the best improv and hanging out...the whole 5 minutes before She's Gone, with the boots, and then breaking into some great American standards...it is classic! Of course,the whole apple cider saga is also great. I was sad to see Kevin not hanging out with the bad between songs during the 1st half of the episode, but he came around in the 2nd half. Musically he was great, but I feel like he never felt quite comfortable. She's Gone, the acoustic Let It Rock, Every Day Is Like A Holiday, and What's Going On are amazing. Is it possible that Kevin didn't know What's Going On? He looked not so into it. Anyway, overall a fantastic episode!
- posted by daddy59 - September 24, 2012
This is an episode that really grows on you....each time you appreciate something a little more, until you say "this is damn good stuff" and so I say - good stuff! - chiefy
- posted by chiefbigcalf - August 20, 2012
Hey Guys - I didn't think I'd enjoy this episode when the first song began, but I let it play and I LOVE IT!!! It'slike a 'jazzy rock - Kevin, I love the way you sing - it's like no ones else's!! You guitar playing almost measrures up to T-bone's :-) This is the 3rd time I've played this episode - I love ALL the tracks!!! I really like the different spin you put on "She's Gone" and "Beast of Burden"!!!!! Daryl, you are definitely right about Kenny - he's a damn good drummer! I'LL ALWAYS BE ... Cheryl
- posted by cherie0321 - May 27, 2012
There is something magical about this particular day. "She's Gone." Holy smokes. And Kenny Aronoff...whew. Great, great show.
- posted by Redawuk - February 10, 2012
Brilliant! The sound and harmonies that day - truly special. And so great to see the pure joy on Daryl's face hearing that amazing version of She's Gone - wow.
- posted by Hawk29 - July 7, 2011
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Kevin Rudolf
"I grew up in New York City. You have to learn how to survive, but hopefully in a way that's true to you," he says. "That means putting your head down once in a while and just saying F*** it, too. I promised myself if I got here I'd let my music do the talking. It's the same way when I work. I've always let the music channel through me."
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