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Episode 16:
The Bacon Brothers

It's All Over Now

"Thank you sir may have another?!" Awsome episode
- posted by SlantedX - January 22, 2013
Another great episode...rock on Daryl! Love Kevin on Harmonica!
- posted by Snookum - December 6, 2012
i love above the clouds as well
- posted by markjan - August 26, 2012
That version of "Above The Clouds" was fantastic! I would love to see Paul Weller on your show. I think the both of you would be amazing to watch play together.
- posted by shammygoy - July 14, 2012
Wow. Thank you. I'm so sorry it took me this long to find this site, but I'm here now. Since I first heard you in the early 70s locally in Philly, I have totally loved your stuff man. Thanks for the AWESOME rendition of "When the Morning Comes" and thanks to you, Kevin, Michael, and T-Bone for a great show. You are right; you can't take the Philly out and that's what makes it feel like home. I'm just blown away. This is like I just discovered YouTube for the first time! lol Daryl, you are great and you make people feel good. Thanks man. Rob
- posted by RobEnglish - July 2, 2012
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The Bacon Brothers
Long before Kevin was a Hollywood star of stage and screen, and Michael a go-to film and television composer, the brothers shared a love of music. Michael Bacon was signed to Columbia Records right out of school in the group "Good News" and found success as a songwriter in Nashville. "My earliest memory of music was what my brother was playing or the music he brought home," Kevin Bacon recalls. The Bacon Brothers formed in 1994 and are soon to release their sixth album New Year's Day on March 24th. They have managed to juggle independent success as well as a touring rock band.
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