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Episode 20:

Under Control

Parachute is actually a great group. Unfortunatly Will had a cold this day. How could one pass up a chance to sing with Daryl Hall,cold or no cold?! I love to see Daryl mentoring the younger performers. He and Tbone were so kind making this episode even more enjoyable. Daryl, you asked what Charlottesville is like. Remember you were here couple years back with John? You both gave an outrageous performance at The Paramount. Really rocked the town. Hope you pass this way again soon. Maybe Parachute could open for you!
- posted by dedefromchville - May 24, 2013
Say it isn't and It's a laugh were wonderful. DARYL was superb like always, but the kids were too far from Daryl's talent....keep trying boys :)
- posted by Juddyhall - April 6, 2013
The lead singer from Parachute is horrible! He sounds like he's playing his first concert to a bunch of his aunts and uncles. I noticed he even through off Daryl's vocals a couple times. What a waste of Daryl's talent. Please delete this episode and let's pretend it never happened!
- posted by joaz - March 28, 2013
Damn, how did I miss this! Junior Walker's Shotgun is my song! Thanks for bringing it in!
- posted by SurfsUp - December 29, 2012
- posted by PaBoys - December 29, 2012
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The Charlottesville, VA-based band recently climbed to #1 on the iTunes album charts with their debut, Losing Sleep, and hit single, "She Is Love," one of seven songs the five-piece band performed with Daryl Hall for the show. "She Is Love" was also featured in the national television advertising campaign for Nivea Body's Smooth Sensations, while the group has had its music spotlighted on such shows as 90210 and One Tree Hill, with a recent performance on the CBS Early Show. Parachute (www.weareparachute.com), which also includes saxophone player/keyboardist Kit French, bassist Alex Hargrave, drummer Johnny Stubblefield and lead guitarist Nate McFarland, performed four of their own songs with Daryl, including, in addition to "She Is Love," "Under Control," "All That I Am" and "She," two Daryl Hall and John Oates classics, "It's a Laugh" and "Say It Isn't So," as well as a rousing cover of Junior Walker's "Shotgun."
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