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Episode 23:
Todd Rundgren

Expressway To Your Heart

I have a new appreciation of Todd Rundgren. This is a sweet deal this jamming with musicians and breaking it up with food! Thanks!
- posted by Diane57 - May 28, 2017
Great show! I saw Hall & Oates open for Todd & Utopia at the Zoo Amphitheater in OKC > 30 years ago. Time flies eh? Keep up the great work Daryl.
- posted by wildlifer - July 19, 2013
58 years on this planet and Todd and Daryl have been a soulfull part of our musical lives..You have no Idea how we have all grown together..I a Cleveland man and many of my friends as well love you...In your realm I really think you have no Idea how mutch influence you have had on all of us..or maybe you do because you are still blessed with the ability God has given you to keep on keepin on. Brad and Vicki wishes all of you great days. {Im a guitarist as well} Bradman Cleveland Ohio
- posted by BUDDYBRAD - July 9, 2013
Another great episode. Todd cracks me up. Long time fan.
- posted by Nono312 - June 14, 2013
I have just discovered LFDH about a month ago on Palladia and I cannot stop watching it on TV, YouTube and here. I have rediscovered the wonderful Daryl Hall. What a wonderful, soulful voice. I love how these musicians play and harmonize. Thank you for letting me rediscover Daryl Hall, Todd Rundgren and the some of the missing soundtrack of my life.
- posted by funnykittycat - April 22, 2013
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Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren
Both Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren shared a love of the street-corner doo-wop harmonies and soulful R&B they grew up listening to from the groups in their hometown of Philadelphia. Says Daryl: "Todd and I grew up almost in the same neighborhood and as kids we listened to and were influenced by pretty much the same musicians that were part of the creation of the sound of Philadelphia."
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