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Episode 24:
Diane Birch

Don't Wait Up

Two cool souls attached at the music...what a great show. Diane Birch is a special talent, and its no wonder that Daryl Hall brought her into his world. He and her had a chemistry that gave me the impression they didn't rehearse at all. It was FLAWLESS. I love this show and am a total fan when I can get to see it outside my native Canada. Blue eyed soul at its absolute best!! Outstanding show. One of my favourites.
- posted by Ratbastid - August 23, 2013
LFDH...Daryl, I was too busy to pay attention to the last 30 years of H&O...because of your show I'm your greatest belated fan...LFDH should be a primetime show. I've turned a hundred people on to your site and to a person they have thanked me. Now, about Diane Birch and Daryl Hall...the chemistry and electricity flowing between the two of you was cosmic. The two of you need to make a record, quick. Also, if you want to make some $$, put out the "Live Chefs of Daryl's House" cookbook. I want Diane back along with the food...do that and then I'd be a really happy guy. Thanks Daryl
- posted by SantaCruzScott - July 26, 2013
Amazing how Diane crossed paths with Daryl and crew,,an absolute miracle ..I fell in love with her the first time..People of great good snd peace coming together to make us a smile that can never be wiped away..Thanks Bradman Cleveland Ohio. The sound makes me feel like family with you..
- posted by BUDDYBRAD - July 12, 2013
meu sonho é ouvir Daryl Hall ao vivo,por isso gostaria muito que viesse ao Brasil!Seria pedir demais?
- posted by danielenfr - April 30, 2013
Dear Daryl... I wish some day I could see you guys play! It would be in mu bucket list (I'm 64). Listening to you guys for the 10th time with Diane Birch I really have the feeling that's always sunny in Philadelphia. Diane is one of the best singer, songwriter, musician and a human being I ever saw! Please bring her back in 2013, Please! I already know this episode verbatim so we need her back! I Love you Daryl & all the guys! Special Kiss for Diane!
- posted by rayvieira - April 6, 2013
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Diane Birch
Birch was born in Michigan, but moved to Zimbabwe with her South African-born parents, who were missionaries; migrating to South Africa and then Australia before returning to Portland, Oregon when she was a teenager. An extraordinarily accomplished keyboardist, whether on piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer or Farfisa, Diane has been compared to fellow singer-songwriters Laura Nyro and Carole King, as well as Elton John and Jerry Lee Lewis. Rolling Stone calls her "Amy Winehouse-style retro pop, minus dysfunction…Her welterweight voice is strong and fetching." The Huffington Post's David Wild said: "I've just heard the future of singer-songwriters and her name is Diane Birch. Bible Belt is more than welcoming… it's downright thrilling."
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