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Episode 28:
Toots and the Maytals

Intro - Time Tough

One of the best things I've seen in the internet! Kudos to Daryl & crew for the fantastic show! Does ANY other musician offer such a cool presentation? This show, and the whole attitude of the concept is outstanding. Cheers!
- posted by zanrak - March 17, 2012
This is an awsome show! Itbrings me back to Jamaica every time I watch it.
- posted by jamaica12 - December 13, 2011
- posted by melaniehuslin - December 5, 2011
Haha, I don't think Daryl and the guys new what they we're getting into when they invites Toots over ;D Amazing performance!
- posted by tylernicholson - June 1, 2011
Give Thanx & Praise to the Most High.. Words fail to express our Joy of this Beautiful Experience... @54-46 the Lords Grace smiled upon I&I.. Tears are our sweet Companion this Glorious moment... Jamaica... Jamaica.. Gentlemen, Brisbane awaits you.. Again, Many Thanx. Jah Guide & Protect 4Eva.. One Love 2all.
- posted by Keanelab - April 29, 2011
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Toots and The Maytals
Frederick "Toots" Hibbert grew up singing gospel in the church choir, moving to Kingston, Jamaica, when he was 13, where he eventually formed the Maytals, who recorded for legendary Studio One producer Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, accompanied by the famed studio band the Skatalites. The band went on to work with Prince Buster, Byron Lee and Leslie Kong.
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