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Episode 29:
Maxi Priest and Billy Ocean

Intro - Maneater

what an incredible show...love this show, they are so funny too..the best
- posted by laf - December 27, 2014
- posted by markw - November 16, 2014
Im kinda confused by the write up about T-Bone Wolk as being the "Bass Player" for Daryl, when the only instruments Ive seen him playing is a 6 string acoustic guitar and the electric 6 string electric guitar - and he is playing "lead guitar" - Ive never seen him playing "Bass Guitar" on any of the shows he played on. And by the way, he really plays excellent lead guitar as well as rhythm guitar and Im sure he can play Bass guitar.
- posted by kc5tng - October 13, 2014
I really want 2 know why Palladia is not playing all the old episode? I enjoyed T-Bone,Hall,Maxi,and Billy. Love train was smokin. And sax man rocked. Get with it Palladia.
- posted by Cyclops - March 6, 2014
Fantastic performance of CQ :-) @NYYTony Billy Ocean is from Trinidad and Tobago you are most welcome to visit us anytime especially March 3-4th this year for Carnival The Greatest Show on Earth:-) H&O please return to Trini cuz I missed your last concert here and it would be amazing to see you LIVE!
- posted by Milanlady - January 2, 2014
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Maxi Priest and Billy Ocean
T-Bone Wolk was the co-producer/musical director and bassist/guitarist for Daryl Hall and John Oates for nearly 30 years, starting with their 1981 album, Private Eyes. He was also the co-producer for many H&O albums, as well as Daryl Hall solo albums. The next installment of Live From Daryl's House, marking a milestone 30th episode in the series, will be a musical tribute to his memory.
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Live From Daryl's House

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