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Episode 68:
Darius Rucker


they sound great together have been truly enjoying daryls music for30 years here to 30 more
- posted by jtg - March 4, 2015
Been waiting for the live from daryl's house episode 68 Darius Rucker rendition of “Let her Be” to show up on the LFDH Youtube channel but it never shows. Hopefully the powers that be will post this wonderful version of that classic song! More people should hear it! Smile
- posted by wleas49 - March 2, 2015
Another awe inspiring show which i have come to love! I began listening to Daryl during my college years in the 80's. I have been tuning in to Daryl's House for several years and appreciate all that goes into it. This episode with Darius was absolutely fantastic! I agree with Darius, it sounded as if you have been playing together for years! Two great sounds together formed an incredible harmony which I hope to heat again!
- posted by debi1962 - February 24, 2015
Thank you guys for bringing back such great memories of harmony with two of my favorite voices in Darius and Daryl. I grew up pretending to be Daryl on keyboards (ended up playing guitar). I also loved the sounds of Hootie and the Blowfish and now Darius's rise in country culminating with the Grand Ole Opry induction. Thank you both.
- posted by ktucker - February 15, 2015
I was just in Charleston last week. James Island girl x 3 generations. I absolutely love the vocal combo! Thanks guys!
- posted by CrystalThePistol - February 14, 2015
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Darius Rucker
Darius founded Hootie and the Blowfish at the University of South Carolina in 1986, releasing five studio albums, charting six Top 40 Billboard 100 hits. After releasing a solo R&B album, Back to Then, in 2002, for Hidden Beach Recordings, he signed with Capitol Records Nashville six years later, reinventing himself as a country star, the first African-American to chart a #1 Hot Country Song (Dont Think I Dont Think About It) since Charley Pride in 1983. He earned the Country Music Associations Best New Artist Award in 2009, and his hit single, Wagon Wheel, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance last year.
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