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Episode 69:
Sammy Hagar


Love the story about EVH. Know why Eddie wanted guys like Darryl and Sammy to front VH? It's called vocal range! Roth can't do it...that's why they never play VanHagar songs on tour.
- posted by Tlap1734 - May 25, 2015
Daryl!! Welcome back, man!! Keep on going! I'm still gonna get a book deal and give you a copy of the Adult ADHD self-help memoir you inspired way back in 2006 in Kitchener, man! Lead your passion as always - you're a huge inspiration!! Much Soulful Respect! - Jeff Emmerson
- posted by JeffEmmerson1976 - May 23, 2015
I am so happy you guys are back!! Daryl you sound better than ever and look fantastic in all black by the way! :) From one Philly friend to another. Rock on, Sammy!!
- posted by ladymachir - May 22, 2015
Hi Daryl, hi everyone. I couldn't get u on cable for your shows...I';m glad to you are back. Love all your past episodes. Looking forward to new episodes.....I know some don't care for meal preps and dinner..I love it...all the best to all of you.. Laurel
- posted by laf - May 20, 2015
Asome......... What great sound Sammy and Daryl on the same stage. LFDH is such a breath of fricken fresh air. Im a bog fan of Hall and Oates and Sammy. I think some of the best music fro Van Halen is in the Sammy years. I wish I could bring my wife down to Cabo and get away from all the crap in our lives these past years and just relax, with great food and even greater music. Im a 51 year old Trucker, and love the Rock and Roll of the great 80's. Rock on guys!!!!
- posted by Mike18Wheels - May 19, 2015
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Sammy Hagar
Daryl gets together with legendary musician Sammy “The Red Rocker” Hagar on location at Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Together, on-location, the two created memorable live musical moments south of the border.
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