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Episode 72:
Aaron Neville


Been listening to H&O, Neville brothers since I was little, this is a great episode! Just saw Hall & Oates at RED ROCKS in CO 9/1, can't believe they've never played there! Epic man, epic sold out show. Flew from Mpls, 24 hour there and back, to see them. Please come to Minneapolis!! This show kicks it, my fav are Cee Lo, Todd Rundgren and Joe Walsh. Keep on rockin, your music makes me smile, and I thank you.
- posted by bbrown - September 4, 2015
What an awesome show! I love all of Daryl's House episodes. This one is a great one! thanks so much for allowing folks to watch episodes online. I used to be a faithful watcher on Palladia until I had to drop cable. The only cable channel I missed was Palladia and my favorite show was Daryl's House. Thanks so much for doing what you do! Blessing to you all! :)
- posted by bpatricks - September 4, 2015
This was my favorite show!!! I love every show but when you played One on One....nothing is more beautiful!
- posted by brennaiset - September 4, 2015
Daryl Hall and company with Aaron Neville...just wonderful session. Please bring us more New Orleans music. I'd like to hear Daryl with Harry Connick! Thanks Hall & Oates for an amazing concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley last Saturday night. Rocked the house big time!
- posted by JaneGray - September 1, 2015
Thank you Thank you Thank you. Good medicine for the body. Good for the soul. Amen, Brother. Amen.
- posted by runningdeer69 - September 1, 2015
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Aaron Neville
Having one of the most evocative and recognizable voices in American music, Aaron Neville is an international ambassador of New Orleans R&B, though his soaring falsetto sounds at home in many styles. Coming of age in the incredibly creative 1950s Crescent City R&B scene, Neville gained national attention with his 1966 hit “Tell It Like It Is,” the stirring ballad and #1 hit, as well as with the Wild Tchoupitoulas, a touring Mardi Gras celebration that led to the creation of the Neville Brothers band — an institution that would confirm Neville’s iconic status.

Over his four-time Grammy-winning solo career, Neville has scored a string of hits including “Tell It Like It Is,” memorable duets with Linda Ronstadt including "Don't Know Much" and a hugely popular cover of Main Ingredient’s “Everybody Plays the Fool.” With his latest album, Neville revisits the doo-wop music he grew up with, adding a few new spins along the way. My True Story, his first release for Blue Note Records, was co-produced by Blue Note President Don Was and Keith Richards and features a collection of twelve classic doo-wop numbers, performed in his utterly inimitable vocal style.

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